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Standing Seam:

What is a Standing Seam Roofing System?

In a nutshell, standing seam metal roof is a succession of vertically-oriented, standing/laying sheet metal roofing panels secured in place by concealed fasteners, and connected side by side with adjacent panels by means of an overlaping/locking mechanism forming a raised rib/standing seam. The metal panels are joined at the sides, with a connecting/overlapping panel-lock forming a seam as a connecting point between the panels.

Common Uses:

  • Frequently employed as a residential, commercial and industrial roofing system
  • Known for its straight vertical panels
  • Commonly covered copper standing-seam roof, incur patination which occurs as copper ages
  • Standing-seam metal roofs all around us, typically used as branding for their corporate visual appeal.

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Minimum roof slope for a standing seam metal roof?

Unlike conventional roofing systems, standing seam roof can be installed on a very low slope roof, in fact, the most popular Dutch Seam - standing seam metal roofing system can be installed on roofing slope as low as 2:12. DUTCH SEAM is a structural panel and can be fastened directly to purlins, or solid substrate such as wooden or plywood roof deck.

What type of standing seam metal roof can you install for my home?

We can supply and install snap lock based metal roof made out of steel, aluminum, or copper. We offer water tightness warranty on our installations and there is a manufacturer's warranty on the panels and paint coatings.

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