Insurance Claims Contact Info:

Allstate: (800) 547-8676

American National: (800) 333-2861

Farmers: (800) 435-7764

Fidelity National: (800) 220-1351

Grange: (800) 445-3030

Hartford: (800) 243-5860

Liberty Mutual: (800) 225-2467

Metlife: (800) 854-6011

MS Farm Bureau: (866) 275-7322

Nationwide: (800) 421-3535

Safeco: (800) 332-3226

Shelter: (800) 743-5837

State Farm: (800) 732-5246

Travellers: (800) 252-4633

USAA: (800) 531-8722

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Claims Assistance:

Never processed a roof claim?

  • McCall Roofs is a qualified, insured and bonded roofing company.
  • Claims typically require the completion of forms, which may require notarization.
  • McCall will stand by you through this process, reviewing adjuster summary reports and confirming the damage has been properly assessed and recorded.

Representation and Repair Agreement:

  • McCall Roofs requires the completion of a "Representation and Repair Agreement."
  • Agreement authorizes McCall to discuss claim aspects with your insurance company.
  • We inspect damage with the adjuster to ensure all damage is accurately documented.

How To File a Roof Insurance Claim

  • Assess damage and notify insurance company immediately.
  • Don't dispose of damaged items until an adjuster has made their assessment.
  • If you have a camera or camcorder, document damaged property
  • Provide roofing contractor with: Insurance agent’s name, telephone number and your policy number.
  • Set the appointment, your contractor should be present when the adjuster arrives.
  • Upon approval, most insurance companies send an initial check for approximately 50% of the claim.
  • If you have a mortgage on your home, the first check will be made out jointly to you and the mortgage company. Contact your mortgage company to get the check endorsed. Don't sign the check until it comes back from the mortgage company. Once you receive, endorse it and deposit into your bank account.
  • Call your contractor when the first check comes in from the mortgage company, a downpayment is usually due when the crew arrives at the jobsite to begin the work.
  • Upon completion, a roofing representative may do a final inspection and go over the checklist with you.
  • The final bill will be faxed or mailed directly to the insurance company.
  • Upon receipt of the final insurance check, the invoice is due. At this point contact your roofing company to pick up the final check for the balance due.